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Posted by Shannon 02 Jul 2009
Hey guys, I'm going to start charging, cheaply, for my layouts. This is simply based on the fact that I have to do work to make them. I will ask for a down payment of $2 to assure you will be using the layout once I am done. I have run into too many cases of people backing out once I finish, and it's just a waste of time. For a finished layout, it will be $5. I'm not asking for that much, it's just because I take time out my day to do these things, so it's only fair. For original MySpace layouts, you will not be charged. The only charges will be for DIV MySpace layouts or a web layout.
Kris Farrow
Posted by Shannon 29 Jun 2009
Okay, so funny story. A while ago (before Taylor released her karaoke albums) I bought some stuff off of iTunes from a guy named Kris Farrow because I wanted to figure out how to play them on my guitar. You know, like how it should sound. And this guy is completely amazing, so I have good reason to look up to his skill, haha.

Anyway, so today, while I'm working on my new MySpace layout (yes, there's a new one coming!), I get an IM on AIM from, who else, but Kris! And I want to help him out because his tracks are simply awesome, so I want to push you all to go look him up on iTunes and buy some of his work!

So again, his name is Kris Farrow, and he does great covers of all different artists on iTunes.


Don't make me have to get an old Billy Mays ad to do this...
Posted by Shannon 17 May 2009
All requests will be postponed for a bit until further notice. All requests on my list will be served first come first completed once I start up again.
New Archives!
Posted by Shannon 08 Apr 2009
So I have redone the home page of the site. And my new idea is to have this part of the domain be for graphic requests, since I get so many from my MySpace pages.
Posted by Shannon 12 Aug 2008
BonJovi.SpotlightOnTheLake.com is now up and running!
Posted by Shannon 10 Aug 2008
TaylorSwift.SpotlightOnTheLake.com has been added to our archives! Bon Jovi's main page will be next. Check it out!
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