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We are a graphic design site, creating and coding layouts and images for free at your request. All SOTL.com material is copyrighted unless otherwise stated. All images of artists, actors, writers, etc, are legally righted to their own property and are simply only being used upon request to make what should be, another fan layout or image. Please do not steal any of our official information or images. If you have any problems with the site, please contact us by THIS email address before any legal action is taken.
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We are an image designing site, based on requests. To submit one of these requests, simply visit the "request" page and fill out the form. All information is needed!

For more on the owner... My name is Shannon, and I am 16 years of age. I host and run several other sites, supporting people like Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and the Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey team. Any requests I enjoy doing, however certain things may take a longer time to complete than others.

More to come...